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مقالات معتبر اعضای هیات علمی
2015 - 2013
Q eISSN ISSN Journal Title Authors
Q2 1365-2621 0950-5423 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The effect of pH, salts and sugars on the rheological properties of cress seed (Lepidium sativum) gum Behrouzian, Fataneh; Razavi, Seyed M. A.; Karazhiyan, Hojjat
Q eISSN ISSN Journal Title Authors
Q1 1879-1018 0304-4238 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The effect of pH, salts and sugars on the rheological properties of cress seed (Lepidium sativum) gum Behrouzian, Fataneh; Razavi, Seyed M. A.; Karazhiyan, Hojjat
Q1  1872-9681   1568-4946  APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING A parallel membrane inspired harmony search for optimization problems: A case study based on a flexible job shop scheduling problem  Maroosi, Ali; Muniyandi, Ravie Chandren; Sundararajan, Elankovan; Zin, Abdullah Mohd 
Q1  1873-412X  0263-2241  MEASUREMENT  Determination of the thorium potential in Shah-Kooh area in Iran by NAA and comparison with the results of ICP and XRF techniques  Tousi, Ehsan Taghizadeh; Firoozabadi, Mohammad Mehdi; Shiva, Mohammad 
 Q1    2352-5509 SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION   Is saffron more energy and economic efficient than wheat in crop rotation systems in northeast Iran?  Sahabi, Hossein; Feizi, Hassan; Karbasi, Alireza
Q2   1420-8903 0001-9054   Aequationes Mathematicae  Commuting C* modular operators  Karizaki, Mehdi Mohammadzadeh; Djordjevic, Dragan S.
Q eISSN ISSN Journal Title Authors
Multiple Frequencies Determination of Sinusoidal Real Waveform by Multiple Sensors With Low Sampling Rate  Maroosi, Ali; Bizaki, Hossein Khaleghi
 Q3 1745-4530   0145-8876  JOURNAL OF FOOD PROCESS ENGINEERING  Addition of the Chubak extract and egg white on biophysical properties of grape juice during evaporation process  Oladzadabbasabadi, Nazila; Karazhiyan, Hojjat; Keyhani, Vahid
 Q4    1606-9749 WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-WATER SUPPLY  Cost-effectiveness analysis of different watershed management scenarios developed by simulation-optimization model   Noor, Hamzeh; Fazli, Somayeh; Rostami, Mohammad; Kalat, Ali Bagherian
 Q4    1431-9292  ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ARZNEI- & GEWURZPFLANZEN  Mother corm weight and soil amendment improves the vegetative and reproductive growth of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)  Fallahia, Hamid-Reza; Aghhavani-Shajari, Mahsa; Sahabi, Hossein; Feizi, Hassan
 Q4 2473-2893  2473-2907   JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING PART A-SYSTEMS  Safety Evaluation and Adjustment of Superelevation Design Guides for Horizontal Curves Based on Reliability Analysis  Mollashahi, Hamid Farhad; Khajavi, Kasra; Ghaeini, Asieh Khadem
Q4     0326-2383 LATIN AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACY   Study of the Antiangiogenic Effect of Silymarin using Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay  Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad H.; Javan, Iman Y.; Younesikelaki, Fatemeh S.; Desfardi, Mehdi K.; Nanna, Rama S.
Q4   1532-2416  0010-3624  COMMUNICATIONS IN SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT ANALYSIS  How Nitrogen and Zinc Levels Affect Seed Yield, Quality, and Nutrient Uptake of Canola Irrigated with Saline and Ultra-Saline Water  Ebrahimian, Elnaz; Bybordi, Ahmad; Seyyedi, Seyyed Mohammad
Q eISSN ISSN Journal Title Authors
 1879-0836  0951-8320 RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY  Identification of accident-prone sections in roadways with incomplete and uncertain inspection-based information: A distributed hazard index based on evidential reasoning approach  Sadeghi, Aliasghar; Farhad, Hamid; Moghaddam, Abolfazl Mohammadzadeh; Qazizadeh, Morteza Jalili 
 Q1  2071-1050   SUSTAINABILITY  Assessment of the Sustainability of the Territories Affected by Gully Head Advancements through Aerial Photography and Modeling Estimations: A Case Study on Samal Watershed, Iran   Samani, Aliakbar Nazari; Rad, Fatemeh Tavakoli; Azarakhshi, Maryam; Rahdari, Mohammad Reza; Rodrigo-Comino, Jesus
Q1   1879-1786 0959-6526  JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION  Evaluating the fatigue behavior of asphalt mixtures containing electric arc furnace and basic oxygen furnace slags using surface free energy estimation   Qazizadeh, Morteza Jalili; Farhad, Hamid; Kavussi, Amir; Sadeghi, Aliasghar
 Q1  1872-7557 0165-1684   SIGNAL PROCESSING Joint equalization-despreading method for OQAM-CDMA systems  Tabatabaee, S. M. J. Asgari; Towliat, M.; Khodadad, F. Samsami 
Q1  1872-633X   0926-6690 INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS  Exogenous application of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) alleviates the effect of water deficit stress in black cumin (Nigella sativa L.)  Rezaei-Chiyaneh, Esmaeil; Seyyedi, Seyyed Mohammad; Ebrahimian, Elnaz; Moghaddam, Sina Siavash; Damalas, Christos A. 
 Q2 1727-9321  0254-6299   SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY The relationships between fatty acids and heterotrophic seedling growth in winter canola cultivars during accelerated seed aging process  Seyyedi, S. M.; Afshari, R. Tavakkol; Daneshmandi, M. S. 
 Q2    0038-092X  SOLAR ENERGY Parameter identification for solar cells and module using a Hybrid Firefly and Pattern Search Algorithms  Beigi, Amir Mohammad; Maroosi, Ali 
Q2   1558-2558 1089-7798   IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS GFDM Interference Mitigation Without Noise Enhancement  Towliat, Mohammad; Tabatabaee, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari 
Q3    1680-7073   JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Genetic Diversity in Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Cultivars Grown in Iran Using SSR and SNP Markers  Javan, I. Yousefi; Gharari, F. 
Q3  1099-1131   1074-5351 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS  On the time-frequency symbol density of FBMC/QAM systems  Towliat, Mohammad; Tabatabaee, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari 
Q4  0974-9853  0970-3950  MAPAN-JOURNAL OF METROLOGY SOCIETY OF INDIA  Measurement of Percentage Depth Dose and Half Value Layer of the Rhizophora spp. Particleboard Bonded by Eremurus spp. to 60, 80 and 100 kVp Diagnostic X-rays  Tousi, Ehsan Taghizadeh; Aboarrah, Ali; Bauk, Sabar; Hashim, Rokiah; Jaafar, Mohamad Suhaimi 
 Q4   1431-9292 ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ARZNEI- & GEWURZPFLANZEN  Study of the allelopathic effect of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) organs' aqueous extract on the seed germination and seedling growth of sugar beet and safflower at different concentrations   Feizi, Hassan; Salari, Amir; Gharari, Faezeh
Q4     1431-9292ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ARZNEI- & GEWURZPFLANZEN  The study of some physiological responses of saffron to salinity stress and humic acid treatment  Asghari, Reza; Dadashi, Mohammadreza; Razavi, Alireza; Feizi, Hassan; Bakhtiari, Saeed 
Q4     1431-9292ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ARZNEI- & GEWURZPFLANZEN  Influence of planting density on flower and corm yield in Spanish and Iranian saffron (Crocus sativus L.)  Nazarian, Ramin; Sahabi, Hossein; Feizi, Hassan 
   1431-9292 ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ARZNEI- & GEWURZPFLANZEN Replacement of wheat cultivation by saffron to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in the agroecosystems of North-East Iran  Feizi, Hassan; Mondani, Farzad; Sahabi, Hossein 
   1431-9292 ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ARZNEI- & GEWURZPFLANZEN Accumulation of organic compounds by saffron in the soil of farms with different ages  Hosseini, Ali; Feizi, Hassan 
Q4  1532-2416  0010-3624  COMMUNICATIONS IN SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT ANALYSIS  Saffron Daughter Corms Formation, Nitrogen and Phosphorous Uptake in Response to Low Planting Density, Sampling Rounds, Vermicompost and Mineral Fertilizers   Seyyedi, Seyyed Mohammad; Ebrahimian, Elnaz; Rezaei-Chiyaneh, Esmaeil
Q4    0326-2383  LATIN AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACY  Enhancement of Production of Pharmaceutical Compounds; Scopoletin and coumaric acid Via Yeast Extract Elicitation of Cell Culture of Althaea officinalis  Younesikelaki, Fatemeh S.; Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad H.; Yousefi Javan, Iman; Rahbarian, Raheleh; Nanna, Rama S. 
Q11873-2283 0378-3774
AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT Seed yield and oil quality of sunflower, safflower, and sesame under different levels of irrigation water availability
 Ebrahimian, Elnaz; Seyyedi, Seyyed Mohammad; Bybordi, Ahmad; Damalas, Christos A.
Q1 1941-0476 1053-587X IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING  A Simple ML Detection for Coded Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing in MIMO Channels Towliat, Mohammad; Tabatabaee, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari; Rajabzadeh, Morteza
Q2  2352-152X JOURNAL OF ENERGY STORAGE A numerical model for estimation of water droplet size in the anode channel of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell  Mohammadzadeh, Kazem; Kaldehi, Bahare Jaha, Jazmib, Ramin, Khaleghib, Hassan, Maddahianb, Reza, Shiranic, Ebrahim
Q2 1573-0484 0920-8542  JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTINGAn online context-aware mechanism for computation offloading in ubiquitous and mobile cloud environments Salehan, Alireza; Deldari, Hossein; Abrishami, Saeid 
 Q2 2005-40921598-6446  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTROL AUTOMATION AND SYSTEMSQuantitative-fuzzy Controller Design for Multivariable Systems with Uncertainty  Gharib, Mohammad Reza; Daneshvar, Armin
Q2 1539-7742 1539-7734 MECHANICS BASED DESIGN OF STRUCTURES AND MACHINES Experimental and numerical investigation of concrete properties effects on fracture toughness under complex loading Gharib, Mohammad Reza; Vaziri, Seyyed Amirreza; Memarbashi, Ramin 
 Q31793-7183 1793-5571 ASIAN-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS Using matrix-based rationalized Haar wavelet method for solving consolidation equation Rastegar, Mojtaba; Moghaddam, Amir Bazrafshan; Erfanian, Majid; Moghaddam, Bahador Bazrafshan 
 Q31099-1131 1074-5351 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Beamforming and power allocation in the downlink of MIMO cognitive radio systems based on multiobjective optimization Tabatabaee, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari; Abbasi-Jannatabad, Mohsen 
 Q3 1751-86361751-8628 IET COMMUNICATIONS  Equalisation, despreading, and beamforming scenarios of complex spread-OFDM/OQAM in single-input multi-output channelsTabatabaee, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari; Towliat, Mohammad; Rajabzadeh, Morteza 
 Q32191-4281 2193-567X  ARABIAN JOURNAL FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGPerformance Evaluation of Two New Lightweight Real-Time Scheduling Mechanisms for Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing Environments  Salehan, Alireza; Deldari, Hossein; Abrishami, Saeid
 Q3 0553-6626 PERIODICA POLYTECHNICA-CIVIL ENGINEERING  Performance-based Optimal Design of Cantilever Retaining WallsKalateh-Ahani, Mohsen; Sarani, Arman 
 Q32334-7163  0354-9836 THERMAL SCIENCEUNCERTAIN FRACTIONAL OPERATOR WITH APPLICATION ARISING IN THE STEADY HEAT FLOW Salahshour, Soheil; Ahmadian, Ali; Ali-Akbari, Mahdi; Senu, Norazak; Baleanu, Dumitru 
Q4   0125-2526CHIANG MAI JOURNAL OF SCIENCE  Improvement in Seed Surface Sterilization and in vitro Seed Germination of Ornamental and Medicinal Plant-Catharanthus roseus (L.)Ramandi, Alireza; Javan, Iman Yousefi; Tazehabadi, Farahnaz Mohammadi; Asl, Ghorban Imani; Khosravanian, Reza; Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad Hadi 
Q4  1532-24160010-3624 COMMUNICATIONS IN SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT ANALYSIS Nutrient availability and saffron corms growth affected by composted pistachio residues and commercial poultry manure in a calcareous soil Daneshmandi, Mohammad Shahin; Seyyedi, Seyyed Mohammad 
  2217-3412 JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS  EXPLICIT SOLUTION TO THE OPERATOR EQUATION AXDMoghani, Zahra Niazi; Khanehgir, Mahnaz; Karizaki, Mehdi Mohammadzadeh 
1879-0178  0735-1933INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS IN HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER Optimization of geometry and nano-fluid properties on microchannel performance using Taguchi method and genetic algorithm Javadpour, Seyed Morteza; Abadi, Elyas Abbasi Jannat; Akbari, Omid Ali; Goharimanesh, Masoud
 Q1 2162-23452162-2337  IEEE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS On the Noise Enhancement of GFDMTowliat, Mohammad; Rajabzadeh, Morteza; Tabatabaee, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari 
Q2 1563-5139  0308-1087 LINEAR & MULTILINEAR ALGEBRA Some results about EP modular operatorsMohammadzadeh Karizaki, M.; Djordjevic, D. S.; Hosseini, A.; Jalaeian, M. 
 Q2 1563-51390308-1087 LINEAR & MULTILINEAR ALGEBRA Conditions that the product of operators is an EP operator in Hilbert C*-module  Jalaeian, Maryam; Karizaki, Mehdi Mohammadzadeh; Hassani, Mahmoud
 Q21735-2630 1735-1472 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY  Assessment of the nutritional value ofGundelia tournefortiiduring its growth stages as a key element in the Senowbar rangeland ecosystem, Northeast of IranEsbati, M.; Farzadmehr, J.; Foroughi, A.; Rahdari, M. R.; Rodrigo-Comino, J. 
Q2   1995-6665JORDAN JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Experimental and Numerical Study of Heat Transfer and Tensile Strength of Engineered Porous Fins to Estimate the Best Porosity Heydari, Ali; Mesgarpour, Mehrdad; Gharib, Mohammad Reza 
 Q2 1878-1462 1569-190X SIMULATION MODELLING PRACTICE AND THEORYSimulation and modeling of an improved multi -verse optimization algorithm for QoS-aware web service composition with service level agreements in the cloud environments Yaghoubi, Mohamadali; Maroosi, Ali 
Q2  1573-0409 0921-0296 JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & ROBOTIC SYSTEMSA Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Approach for Continuum Robot Control Goharimanesh, M.; Mehrkish, A.; Janabi-Sharifi, F.
Q2 2198-2759 1972-6724 BOLLETTINO DELLA UNIONE MATEMATICA ITALIANA The non-commutative Newton's binomial formula in non-unital algebras and with a negative power Hosseini, Amin; Karizaki, Mehdi Mohammadzadeh 
 Q2 0354-5180 FILOMAT Polar Decomposition and Characterization of Binormal Operators Karizaki, Mehdi Mohammadzadeh 
 Q21588-2926 1388-6150  JOURNAL OF THERMAL ANALYSIS AND CALORIMETRY Numerical unsteady simulation of nanofluid flow over a heated angular oscillating circular cylinderNaderi, Banafshe; Mohammadzadeh, Kazem 
 Q3 1303-61491300-0098 TURKISH JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS Linear mappings satisfying some recursive sequences Hosseini, Amin; Karizaki, Mehdi Mohammadzadeh 
Q3  1680-7073 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY  Impact of Different Packaging Schemes and Transport Temperature on Post-Harvest Losses and Quality of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)Feizi, H.; Kaveh, H.; Sahabi, H. 
Q3  2048-7177 FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION Possible use of organic compounds on shelf life and quality properties of peeled pomegranate Kaveh, Hamed; Vatandoost, Safieh 
 Q4 2041-3041 0959-6518PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART I-JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND CONTROL ENGINEERING Path tracking control of electromechanical micro-positioner by considering control effort of the system Gharib, Mohammad Reza; Koochi, Ali; Ghorbani, Mojtaba 
 Q4 1559-7067 1009-6124JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE & COMPLEXITY Optimally Connected Hybrid Complex Networks with Windmill Graphs Backbone Safaei, Farshad; Babaei, Amin; Moudi, Mehrnaz 
 Q41943-9970  1943-9962 JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION SAFETY & SECURITYInvestigating the relationship between driver's ticket frequency and demographic, behavioral, and personal factors: Which drivers commit more offenses? Moghaddam, Abolfazl Mohammadzadeh; Sadeghi, Aliasghar; Qazizadeh, Morteza Jalili; Farhad, Hamid; Barakchi, Moein 
Q4 1822-4180 1648-7788  AVIATIONA QFT ROBUST CONTROLLER AS A REMEDY FOR TRMS Honari-Torshizi, Mostafa; Rahmani, Hossein; Moeinkhah, Hossein; Gharib, Mohammad Reza; Jahanpour, Javad 
 Q42545-1405 1644-0692 ACTA SCIENTIARUM POLONORUM-HORTORUM CULTUS AGRONOMIC AND QUALITATIVE TRAITS OF SAFFRON AND CUMIN IN RESPONSE TO INTERCROPPING Maleki, Mohamadreza; Seghatoleslami, Mohammadjavad; Mousavi, Gholamreza; Feizi, Hassan 
Q4   1431-9292 ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ARZNEI- & GEWURZPFLANZENGreen Synthesis of Silver Nano-particles Using Silymarin Extracted from Root Callus of Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn and Their Antibacterial Activity Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad Hadi; Younesikelaki, Fatemeh Soghra; Naseri, Mahboobeh; Javan, Iman Yousefi; Rahbarian, Raheleh; Nanna, Rama Swamy 
Q4  1431-9292 ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ARZNEI- & GEWURZPFLANZEN Investigation of static magnetic field durability treatment on seed and seedling features of mustard (Sinapis alba L.) Feizi, Hassan; Salari, Amir; Kaveh, Hamed; Firuzi, Yahya 
Q4 1848-3380  0005-1144 AUTOMATIKAOn the relation between network throughput and delay curves Moudi, Mehrnaz; Othman, Mohamed 
Q1  2352-7102  JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERINGEffects of different window configurations on energy consumption in building: Optimization and economic analysis Heydari, Ali; Sadati, Seyed Esmaeil; Gharib, Mohammad Reza 
 Q11879-1018  0304-4238SCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE Influence of some pre and post-harvest practices on quality of saffron stigmata Fallahi, Hamid-Reza; Aghhavani-Shajari, Mahsa; Sahabi, Hossein; Behdani, Mohammad Ali; Sayyari-Zohan, Mohammad Hassan; Vatandoost, Safieh 
 Q1 2190-5444 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS Electromagnetic instability analysis of nano-sensor Koochi, Ali; Abadyan, Mohamadreza; Gholami, Saeid 
 Q11872-7557  0165-1684SIGNAL PROCESSING Uplink transceiver design for coded GFDMA systems Rajabzadeh, Morteza; Towliat, Mohammad; Tabatabaee, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari; Steendam, Heidi 
 Q21873-1759 1386-9477 PHYSICA E-LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS & NANOSTRUCTURES Electromagnetic instability of electromechanical nano-bridge incorporating surface energy and size dependency  Koochi, Ali; Abadian, Fatemeh; Rezaei, Morteza; Abadyan, Mohamadreza
 Q2 1735-26301735-1472 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY  Methyl red biodegradation based on Taguchi method by two novel bacteriaMarvi-Mashhadi, A.; Sharifmoghadam, M. R.; Goharimanesh, M.; Marvi-Mashhadi, M.; Dehghan, H.; Bahreini, M. 
 Q21471-1257  0038-092XSOLAR ENERGY Numerical optimization of a new concept in porous medium considering thermal radiation: Photovoltaic panel cooling application Mesgarpour, Mehrdad; Heydari, Ali; Wongwises, Somchai; Gharib, Mohammad Reza 
Q2 1099-1476 0170-4214 MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN THE APPLIED SCIENCES Nonlocal electromagnetic instability of carbon nanotube-based nano-sensor Koochi, Ali; Goharimanesh, Masoud; Gharib, Mohammad Reza 
 Q2 1572-8196 1022-0038WIRELESS NETWORKS  Cooperative beamforming in cognitive radio systems without feedback of receiver beamforming vectors to transmitterAbbasi-Jannatabad, Mohsen; Tabatabaee, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari 
 Q2 1471-1257 0038-092X SOLAR ENERGY Geometry optimization of double pass solar air heater with helical flow pathMesgarPour, Mehrdad; Heydari, Ali; Wongwises, Somchai 
Q3 2042-3195 0197-6729 JOURNAL OF ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION An Improved Harmony Search Algorithm for Proactive Routing Protocol in VANET Chandren Muniyandi, Ravie; Hasan, Mohammad Kamrul; Hammoodi, Mustafa Raad; Maroosi, Ali 
 Q3  0553-6626PERIODICA POLYTECHNICA-CIVIL ENGINEERING Evaluating the Effect of Asymmetric Cross-section in Free Vibration and Bending Analysis Results of FG Sandwich Beam by Proposing Simple Efficient Element Yaghoobi, Majid; Sedaghatjo, Mohsen; Alizadeh, Reyhaneh; Karkon, Mohammad 
Q4 2364-1843 2228-6160 IRANIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-TRANSACTIONS OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Morphing of Plane Element to Beam Element for Static, Buckling, and Free Vibration Analysis Yaghoobi, Majid; Sedaghatjo, Mohsen; Alizadeh, Reyhaneh 
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